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Lisa is a coach, speaker, best-selling author, dietitian-nutritionist, Founder of Femanna and creator of The Vibrant Energy Breakthrough. She helps exhausted female entrepreneurs with a big message feel energized, healthy, balanced and fully present so they have the energy to magnetize their presence, engage with their clients, get out and network and make a difference in the world.

Lisa has spent over 25 years as an expert in food, nutrition and weight management. She was the Director of Nutrition Services for a multi-million-dollar company managing multiple teams over 5 states. Over the last few years she has become skilled in business, marketing and broadcasting. She serves clients using cutting-edge therapies to help them boost their energy, naturally eliminate body discomfort, gain confidence and feel fully alive.
She belongs to the Academies of Nutrition and Dietetics and Integrative and Functional Nutritionists. She is a member of Dietitians in Integrative and Functional Medicine, dietitians in Women’s Health and Certified LEAP Therapists. She is an expert in the Law of Attraction and a lifelong student of energy work.
Lisa’s developed and taught weight loss programs for companies and taught at the college level. She’s a best seller author and been spotlighted in cookbooks, newspapers, newsletters and on internet Radio. She hosts her own radio show “Women Reconnecting” to help women reconnect to possibilities in life. She also hosts a video show “Empowered Living” where women entrepreneur guests share their story of empowerment and how they help others feel empowered with their expertise.
Lisa was recognized as Women of the Year by the National Association of Professional Women in 2012/2013 and is featured in the Fall 2015 edition in the Women of Distinction. Lisa’s clients get results. They say they feel lighter, healthier and beautiful inside and out.
When she’s not coaching, teaching and mentoring, you can find her riding her horses, dancing, hiking with her dogs, creating new recipes, gardening, writing or learning new skills.
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