David Findlay

Using Google Adsense to genenerate 1K on your authority site is the topic of this replay with David Findlay

David Findlay shares his story of minor success. His idea of minor success is averaging about $100 per month in passive income using Google Adsense and now yo can too!

Follow the right people and do what they do!

David began following Pat Flynn who has become famous for generating passive income and teaching others how to as well. You can find Pat Flynn HERE on FaceBook. David got a unique opprtunity while attending a seminar for Pat Flynn to critique his site. He was told that the site did not have any focus. This led to a more specific focus and new ideas. He followed this up by joining a mastermind group that he is still in today.

Use lots of video.

David suggests you use video to draw attention to yourself right in the beginning of using Google Adsense. The Iphone or Ipad is super easy to use with Imovie. Then simply upload to YouTube. YouTube will provide you with easy to use embed codes.

When using Google Adsense be strategic.

After some experimentation David began placing only three ads per posts. Find out where he placed them and how he selected the ads. Next David discussed what's worked while using Google Adsense to generate passive income as well as other potential products you could offer. What popular key words should you use when using Google Adsense Using Google adsense

Watch the replay to view the details about using Google Adsense

February 21st, 2017 - Virtual Networking Replay.

About David Findlay-

David Findlay was a self employed television antenna and telecommunication cabler until 2012 when he closed his business and started full time work. He currently works full time as a software developer for a government department. In 2014 he started the website Digital TV Help at www.digitaltvhelp.com.au and began using Google Adsense.

Connect with David Findlay

Twitter - @davidjfindlay

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