Kat Sturtz

Kat Sturtz shows us, "How to see past the four hidden elephants sabotaging your business" in this replay.

My house is never cleaner than when I am procrastinating a project - Kat Sturtz

Kat Sturtz will guide us through:

  • Exploring your terrain
  • Identify what's in your way
  • Don't assume you know what your elephant looks like
  • Determine which elephants are hiding on your path.

Next up -

  • Are you willing to look for them?
  • How are they sabotaging your success?
  • What are you willing to change to see them differently?
  • Are you ready to move them out of your way?
  • If not now, when?

Step into the jungle with Kat. Let’s find where those elephants are hiding and flush them out.

February 7th, 2017 - Virtual Networking Replay. There is a small amount of tech difficulties prior to the 6 minute mark

About Kat Sturtz-

Kat Sturtz is a Detroit native who’s been down plenty of bumpy roads, survived some deep scary ruts but never gave up. Now she's helping others rock their unique paths to success.

She teaches solopreneurs, home business owners, and service-based professionals how to create effective bridges between life and business, be creatively organized, overcome obstacles and hidden barriers, and how to prosper with passion and purpose.

Kat is founder of 56 Vibes Services, RockingYourPath.com, Fast Action Fridays, and the Bridges to Success programs. She's also an award-winning nonfiction author (aka Kathy Henderson), motivating speaker, certified marketing coach, Reiki Master, and EFT/tapping practitioner.

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Sabrina Watson
Tuesday 1 PM
Eastern/New York


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