MailChimp basics step by step

MailChimp basics step by step

In this MailChimp basics step by step presentation, we will cover enough to get your started with MailChimp using lists, optins and creating beautiful emails.

Get a MailChimp FREE account!

Begin with MailChimp Basics Step by Step by logging in or registering a new FREE account. If you have under 2K subscribers or are just beginning your list MailChimp is FREE. It is advised to use the email address for your website to get started. To register a new account should take you less than 5 minutes to complete.

MailChimp basics step by step - Begin with lists.

Let's set up a list. You will need at least one list with at least one subscriber to send a campaign. Setting up your list with MailChimp Basics step by step is super easy. We will talk about naming your list and what you should look out for. Next we will cover the items you will absolutely need to include to make your email legal including the requirements for the Can Spam Act.

MailChimp basics step by step - General Forms

We will cover the sign up form and the final welcome email. We will also take a quick look at fields so you will know where they are. You will be able to get the fields in your signup form that you would like. Yes you can insert images also.

MailChimp basics step by step - final email

The final email is an automated email similar to a drip campaign email. We will take a look at the possible use for the final email. This is a bit of a cheating way to use the email in an auto responder way.

MailChimp basics step by step - Templates

Next up is templates. How can you build your own template? MailChimp is very intuitive with easy drag and drop features. Save the template to use over and over again if you like.

MailChimp basics step by step - Social Media Icons

Yes MailChimp overs Social Media connectivity that will allow people to follow you on Social Media as well as share your email.

MailChimp basics step by step - Campaigns

Steps will include:

  • Naming
  • Selecting Campaign type
  • Regular, A/B testing or RSS.

MailChimp basics step by step - Reporting

Let's take a look at how your campaign is doing with reporting. Check out the overview and activity areas.

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