Sara Basloe
Sara Basloe presents, "Double your business with Appreciation Marketing".
Do you know the #1 reason a customer does not come back to you?

Does out of touch really mean out of mind? Do you lose influence when you do not stay in front of your customer? How can you change that?

What are YOU doing to maintain customers?

People can find anything on line including your competition. Sara Basloe shows you how to differentiate yourself through relationship marketing.

    Learn the three core principles.

  • Build relationships first
  • Build your personal brand
  • Master the relationship between high tech and personal touch

Sara Basloe shows us some case studies and the differences that utilizing relationship marketing actually makes in terms of dollars coming in to your business.

Do you write Thank You notes? Don't know what to say? Sara gives us a huge list of Thank You note sayings.

Did you know there is actually a salesman in the Guiness book of World records? Find out why..

Learn the dozens of opportunities available to connect with potential clients. Customer retention has a a huge impact on your bottom line and growth. It takes less money to keep your customers and grow with referrals than to be on the hunt for new customers constantly!
What are the statistics for salespeople? Do you fall into any of these categories?

Learn the three most powerful practices that nurture business relationships and how to put them into action.

  • Meet more people
  • Connect successful people together
  • Appreciate more people
How are you being remembered?

Learn all these tips, tricks and appreciation marketing tools in this replay with Sara Basloe

January 10, 2017 - Virtual Networking Replay- Due to technical difficulties, the virtual networking portion has been removed.

About Sara Basloe-

Sara loves helping her customers to turn overwhelm in their marketing and customer care into a calming, nurturing and productive relationship that turns their customers into raving fans. She is a Marketing and Sales Consultant, Coach and Trainer with an MBA in Marketing and Organization Behavior. She was trained as a Master Results Coach working for the top world wide personal growth trainer on personal and professional development methodology. She is a skilled problem solver, loves to brainstorm concepts and has a “bottomless" well of resources/ideas, to help her customers and Networking colleagues to focus on and achieve their goals.
As a Marketing and Sales Consultant, Sara helps her clients to effectively build relationships with their customers through gratitude and appreciation marketing.
Sara works with clients all over the globe (Europe, Australia, etc) and likes working with people that are focused, cut through the fluff, who are professional, resourceful, organized, analytical, decisive, persistent, and dependable.
As part of Sara’s expertise in Relationship Marketing she helps her business clients implement a productivity tool that significantly increases repeat business and referrals. She'll help you be remembered as a thoughtful person who expresses gratitude, remembers birthdays and important occasions, and encourages others when they go through challenging times. The result…you’ve set yourself apart from all the competition and you will never be forgotten! Request to be a part of Sara’s business blog and learn simple strategies that will help you keep customers for life and create raving fans.

She loves living a full life, which of course means making mistakes and dealing with life's challenges - career changes, geographical changes, health issues and other life challenges, too.
She works with her husband in their successful Network Marketing Distributorship since 2005 and have supported a team that numbers over 2900 Distributors and 6000+ customers. She works actively with her team members and considers it an honor to assist them in navigating being home –based, self employed business owners.
Sara enjoys spending any extra time socializing, reading, volunteering, traveling and relaxing at home with her husband. Once a year she plans a trip for adventure and to visit extended family and friends..
This year the adventure awaits in Colombia! She looks forward to any travel ideas you can share.

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